Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Australia -- Dale Watson's airline woes spark a song

Dale Watson signs autographs at the Interlaken Trucker and Country Festival, 2004. Photo (c) Ruth Ellen Gruber

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

American alt.country star Dale Watson's woes traveling on Tiger Airlines in Australia have prompted him to write a song about the experience. The singer, who has a loyal following the Europe and Australia as well as North America -- I saw him perform at the Trucker and Country Music festival in Interlaken, Switzerland a few years back -- was charged a hefty excess baggage fee for a case of CDs, and then the case got lost in transit.

This is how the Sydney Morning Herald quotes the song:

There goes Tiger Airways and their we don't care-ways
You got a complaint, well stand in line
You got a problem, well that's your problem...

They charged me 500 dollars in extra baggage fees
My hands were tied
I had to pay their price

The song goes on:
But now I'm back in Texas and like a Tiger Airways rep said
They ain't gonna help me if they could.

His name was Timothy Archer
He worked public relations along with Simon Murphy
They made the calls
When all was said was done, nothing was said and done
Which seems to be their motto after all.

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