Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Virtual Wild West -- Red Dead Redemption


Rockstar's new wild west video game Red Dead Redemption, which I have posted about before, gets a great review from GameDaily. It gives lots of details about the storyline, graphics and, yes, emotions evoked and also provides sample pictures and video.
Rockstar took the basic go anywhere, do anything foundation and reenergized it with gorgeous scenery, phenomenal attention to detail and a plethora of entertaining missions that combine to form a journey that will not only please gamers searching for their next fix, but also history buffs looking to see the world through hero/outlaw John Marston's eyes. It's a land of fortune, crime and death, and we love it.
I'm not a gamer myself, but this looks good!
This is, without question, the ultimate cowboy experience. You'll break wild horses, work on a ranch, become a bounty hunter, evade the law, skin animals and rob trains while gaining valuable experience that'll make you a champion of the people or one of the government's most wanted fugitives, depending on your actions. Meanwhile, the story never disappoints, as Marston runs into an eclectic mix of memorable characters in the pursuit of a former friend and the goal to provide a better life for his family.

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