Friday, May 14, 2010

Country Indian - Indian Country (Cowboy) -- More on Super Cowboy

Raghava Lawrence: Kollywood's super cowboy

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

The new Indian Cowboy movie "Super Cowboy", the first "Kollywood" (Tamil film industry) western in nearly 40 years, continues to get press in the Indian media. In an interview published HERE, the movie's star. Raghava Lawrence, talks about "authenticity" in the film, which was directed by Chimbu (also spelt as Simbu) Devan.

“I was keen to work on this project right from the time Chimbu narrated the story. He was well prepared and had even taken a few photographs of the characters in their complete make up to give me a feel of the film. Kollywood has seen a cowboy film after 38 years and he had gone that extra mile to make it look authentic. Right from the get-up to style to dialogues, I loved them all,” Lawrence said to a leading English daily.

You can check out the movie's sound track HERE -- the Theme Song attempts to capture the flavor of old Hollywood westerns. Sort of

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