Monday, April 5, 2010

REAL western towns, that stll figure in the imagination

True West magazine lists its Top Ten  real "wild west" towns that retain the look and feel that sparked the imagination -- plus a long list of other town to watch.

Number One is Virginia City, Nevada
Boardwalks still line the streets, showing off the remarkable collection of 19th-century buildings, abandoned mine shafts and thousands of archaeological sites. Some of its most notable buildings include the First Presbyterian Church, built in 1867 and one of the few buildings still standing after the Great Fire of 1875; the state’s oldest hotel, the 1861 Gold Hill Hotel; and the 1885 Piper Opera House. The Barbary Coast archaeological digs in 2000 have allowed for greater interpretation of Virginia City, where ethnicities mixed freely, as proven by one of the dig sites, the black-owned Boston Saloon.

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