Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Resource for the Imaginary Wild West in the UK

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

Just want to call attention to this web site -- I haven't explored it fully yet, but it seems to be a pretty cool and comprehensive resource for the Imaginary Wild West and all its varied manifestations in the UK.

And it's not just for "fans." From the Home Page:

We can be of use to you if any of the five categories outlined below spark an interest:
  • BUSINESS: If you manage an American West oriented business such as Artistry; Dance Tutoring;      Horse Riding; Insurance; Promotions Management; Radio presentation; Retailing or Writing, we can help you promote your business on our  site links page.
  • ​MUSICIAN: are you a solo artist or duo, maybe a trio or band? Do you play Blues, Country, Jazz, Popular, Rock, and/or Soul?  We can help you. You can publish your events (even charge for them), create a Group for your fans, link to your website from ours, tell our members what you do on your very own customizable profile!
  • PASSION: ​perhaps you are someone with an interest in the subjects we cover, maybe a re-enactor or researcher, looking for information or wanting to start an interest group, or just have an interest in a particular time in American history, we can help you find people in your area, make new friends, perhaps establish contact with old friends and provide a base for that passion.
  • RE-ENACTMENT: what era interests you; Independence, Civil war, Old west, Prohibition, World war II, Vietnam? you can tell others about your interest on your profile, promote your club on our Site links page, or even host you group through our site.
  • VENUE: Do you run your own music venue, period setting? You can promote your venue with us. Charge entrance fees online, announce dates, link to your own website. You could create a member group and promote your interests.

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