Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bluegrass -- Walter Fuchs on Hazel Dickens in Germany

Photo: Walter Fuchs, from European Bluegrass Blog

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

There was an outpouring of tributes following the death on April 22 of Hazel Dickens, the pioneering bluegrass singer.

I am reposting here from the European Bluegrass Blog the recollections -- and photo -- of her from Walter Fuchs, the great country music historian and DJ in Bühl, Germany and founder of  the Bühl International Bluegrass Festival.

Walter reminisces about Dickens' trip to Germany in fall of 1973 on tour with the Strange Creek Singers making a stop in Bühl.

All the gang stayed over night for one or two days, when we lived in a rented apartment in those years. From left to right: Tracy Schwarz, Lamar Grier, Hazel Dickens, Mike Seeger, Marianne Fuchs, Alice Gerrard (Mike Seeger's wife) and our two boys Patrick and Boris. In June of 1973 Mike Seeger and Alice Gerrard were already in Bühl for a couple of days when I had them for a live concert on SWF 3 radio in my show.

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