Wednesday, January 7, 2009

South Africa -- Country Music's Comeback?

Country music is making an "enormous comeback" in South Africa, according to an article in the Limpopo Informant.

I don't know enough about country music in South Africa to have any inkling where it's coming back from... still, as the article puts it "it is fabulous that Limpopo also has its share of country singers." The article, a little profile of a local singer, Will Jordan, traces a totally new geography....

Will Jordan is one of country’s “old-timers”. He works part-time in Polokwane and lives in Mokopane. Country music is, however, not Jordan’s only claim to fame. This is a multi-talented entertainer who has much to offer his audience.
Besides country music, Jordan also sings opera, gospel and Afrikaans hits. He plays various musical instruments including the piano and guitar. He also does over 25 impersonations including Gé Korsten, Elvis Presley and Willy Nelson.
And he finds time to write songs for himself and others. “I have always had a love for country music. I grew up to the music of Elvis Presley and always admired Gé Korsten and Engelbert Humperdinck.” Jordan is definitely one of SA’s country stars.
When the Angola war was still on, he performed for the “manne” together with Al Debbo. He has been on programmes such as Voorblad, Geraas, Maak ‘n Las (in Tolla’s time) and Front Row. This year he will appear on an exciting new programme on Kyknet called Kyknet Country, which is hosted by Juanita du Plessis.
Jordan says it is about time that country makes a comeback and reckons there has been no country music show on SA television for just over ten years. Jordan has performed with the likes of Lance James, Bobby Angel, Matt Hurter and Billy Forrest and says these gents have inspired him. He also expressed his gratitude to Kallie and Marianne Snyman for their support. His CD, titled For You, that was released last year is currently available at music stores or can be ordered by internet. This CD follows his first two CDs, Love Changes Everything and So Veel Jare is Verby.

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