Friday, November 14, 2008

More SASSY-ness....

Here's another article about the Single Action Shooting Society in the USA, and what it calls the "growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting."

The article says SASS has 80,000 members worldwide....I am about to become one of them. I go this weekend to a convention of the SASS Italian branch, the Old West Shooting Society -- I already went to one of their shooting matches last month.

Right now, I'm trying to decide what costume to wear and what "Old West" name to take. I've got a vaguely 19th-century looking skirt that I got a couple years ago in Poland to wear over my Austin-bought Luchese cowboy boots.... as for the name, I know it will be some derivative of my grandmother's name. The daughter of immigrants, she was born Flora Susnitsky in the 1890s in a small town in Texas -- Brenham. In 1919 she married Joe Moskowitz, a burly man in high boots and a Stetson, who surveyed the oil fields in west Texas. I suspect that "Flora Susnitsky Moskowitz" may not sound "Wild West" enough for the club members....but, perhaps, "Miz Flora"?

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