Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cowboy Chic (Yet) Again in Paris....

The Imaginary Wild West once again embraces (or is embraced by) the high fashion runway.

The Paris fashion house Hermes turns this season -- as so many designers have in the past -- to the Wild West for inspiration. Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier says he did not go to Santa Fe for inspiration '' "It was only in my head." (A wild western space if I ever heard one!)


PARIS, Oct 5 (Reuters) - The new Hermes woman is a 21st century Western film heroine.

Wearing a black Stetson, she walks straight out from the desert, scantily clad in black wide-cleavage dress, tightened at the waist by sturdy superimposed belts and adorned with studded leather bracelets.

Jean-Paul Gaultier, the enfant terrible of French fashion and star designer at Hermes, imagined next summer's woman as trigger-happy adventurer dressed as if she were about to shoot down an opponent in front of a saloon bar.

And her no-nonsense attitude makes her all the more sensual, say his fans.

"Jean-Paul loves women and dresses us in a feminine and very sensual way," super-model Stephanie Seymour, who opened the show wearing an elegant white shirt, straight pants and suede hat, told Reuters.

"I thought it was like a chic Pocahontas," Seymour added about the collection.

Strutting in Seymour's footsteps was fellow super-model Naomi Campbell, wearing a flamboyant red dress that barely covered her body and revealed a sexy red bikini bottom.

Amid an Arizona desert-themed decor, complete with sand and cactuses, Campbell threw out her cowboy hat to a cheering crowd against a backdrop of Western-style music.

"I did not go to Santa Fe," Gaultier told Reuters. "It was only in my head."


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